Sports Bra's

Finding the right sports bra can be an ultra marathon task. have searched long and hard so you don't have to. 

"Today I took my new bra out for a test run. And what a test it was (for me and the bra). Stairs, hills, heat....otherwise known as Penshaw 10k

Those of you who know me know I'm not a small girl in any shape or form. So I find it hard to keep my assets under control but this new bra did a very good job. Very little movement and no rubbing from the band or straps. Despite being incredibly hot today and me working up an awesome sweat I did not feel it...awesome wicking properties. It might be more expensive than my normal shock absorber but so far I would say it was well worth the visit to Let's Run. 
They do a full range of sizes and Shelli will ensure you have the right fit.
Anita Momentum MAXIMUM SUPPORT Sports Bra"

is just one comment from a satisfied customer. Sports bras are as important as your running shoes and should be replaced as often as your running shoes.