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Mountain King Trail Blaze Poles

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The Mountain King Trail Blaze are a pair of trekking poles designed for speed and racing. The poles weigh a paltry 110g so are perfect for ultralight enthusiasts. Their 4-section construction makes them easily collapsible to a size of 38 cm but also contribute to a high tensile strength when assembled. Made from lightweight 7075 aluminium, these poles come lighter than carbon fibre equivalents and also perform better.

Sold as a Pair.

Mountain King are a British brand and as such their high quality materials and craftsmanship have been reflected in the design of these poles, which have seen use the world over in races up Mount Blanc and the Marathon Du Sables. The Mountain King Trail Blaze are the winners of 'Best in test' for Trail Running magazine and is one of the most sought-after poles in the world due to its lightweight, durable and frankly excellent design. 

  • 7001 Aluminium Alloy
  • Trekking basket
  • Carbide wear tip with protective cover
  • Wrist strap
  • Airflow grip
  • Comes with mesh storage bag


  • Length 110 cm, Weight 115 grams
  • Length 115 cm, Weight 120 grams
  • Length 120 cm, Weight 125 grams
  • Length 125 cm, Weight 130 grams
  • Length 130 cm, Weight 135 grams