Silva Ninox 2 Headlamp

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The Ninox 2 Headlamp is a great multi-purpose head torch utilising Silva Intelligent Lighting Technology that provides a wide beam up close and a long reach spot light for visibility up to 55 metres. In addition to the white light there is also Red lighting mode that helps to preserve vision at night.

Weighing just 86g the Ninox 2 is also fully waterproof being submergible for up to 30 minutes at a depth of 1 metre making this ideal for water based activities or water weather use.

Running off 3 AAA batteries means you can choose to use rechargeable ones or disposable ones depending on the circumstances and you can always carry a spare set if needed. A battery indicator ensures you’ll always know how you stand in terms of energy left.

The Silva Ninox 2 is your perfect adventure companion if battery life is slightly more important than maximum power output thanks to the up to 80 hour battery life and 200 lumen maximum output.

Specifications - Silva Trail Ninox 2 Headlamp:

  • Attachment - Headband
  • Battery - 3 x AAA
  • Battery indication - Shows battery status when turned off
  • Beam pattern - Intelligent Light® – optimized light distribution
  • Bulb type - 1x High power LED + 1x Wide angle LED + 1x Red top LED
  • Discharge time (max mode) - 30h
  • Discharge time (min mode) - 80h
  • Light distance - 55m
  • Light modes - Max, Min, Blink, Red
  • Light output - 200 Lumen
  • Material - PC/ABS
  • Water resistance - IPX7 – Waterproof

Weight - 86g